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What Ever
Michael Barr

Sweet Nothin's
Gina Melo

Charlotte Skeeters

You & Me
Carmel Hutchinson

Wasn't That A Party
Ernie Hutchinson

Remember My Name
Pati Fall

Noel Castle

Hillbilly Rock/ Hillbilly Roll
Rob/Lorraine Gent

1999 dances
Cajun Girls & Gumbo


Husbands and Wives


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Bad Billy Jump

Back Seat Boogie

Blue Train

Brown-Eyed Girl

Byrd Country

Count Me In

Cuban Heels


Don't Be Stupid

Down Home

Every Step You Take

Funky Farmer

Get Over It

Give It Up

Got To Be Funky

Hallelujah Junction

Hillbilly Hip Hop

Honky Tonk

How Does It Start?

Huey Lewie

I See It Now


Madly Off In All Directions

Mama's Lil' Baby


Me Too

Out Of The Blue

Peace Train

Picture Perfect

Pony Shuffle

Reaching Out

Red Hot Salsa

Razor Sharp

Road House Inn

Rum & Coca Cola

San Antone Rose

Second Thoughts

Senorita Sway

Shouldn't Be Doin' This

Southern Streamline

Strait Cha Cha

Sweet Temptation

Switchblade USA

Tequila Time


That's My Hat

Too Much Fun


1997 dances
Alligator Shoes

Along For The Ride

Black Coffee


Desert Sands Cha Cha

Fat Sally Lee

Hesitation Waltz

Hey Bruce

how sweet it is

Hurricane (T&G)

Lazy 8 Waltz

Looking Glass

Lonesome Blues

No Thanks, I'll Walk

Off To The Races

Pencil Thin Mustache


Roll Of The Dice

Ribbon Of Highway

Running Bear


Take A Look

Vanilla TwirL

Whatcha' Gonna Do

What's The Hurry

1996 dances
A Waltz In Time


Cherokee Boogie

Dancin' With You

Diamonds Are Forever

Fat Sally Lee

Love Letters


One Cherokee Boogie

Prairie Strut

TTS Boogie

Whiskey Brush

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Ain't Goin' Nowhere


Bar Room Romeo

Black Dresses

Cha Cha Lengua

Claxton Stomp & Go

Cowboy (The)

Cowgirls' Twist


Fly Like A Bird

Hot Tamales

Linda Lu

Maverick Waltz

Mustang Sally

Norma Jean


Prancing Pony

Silk & Satin

Smokey Places

Swing Time Boogie

Wild, Wild West Boogie

Younger Men

Zydeco Lady

  Welcome to my linedance world!
HŠ E news

If you familar with the names and talent of the 11 California instructors I have listed in the lower case letters ...imagine what fun if they were all at the same event ...Sal Gonzalez speeded into town, literally ...from the Central Valley to join The San Francisco Bay Area Choreographers for the
Boots 'n' Buckles 3rd annual workshop and dance.

This Saturday workshop showcases the dances brought back from the 2 Memorial Day Weekend Events - Bonanza Bash, CA and Cowichan Goes Country, B.C.

New dances taught here from Bonanaza Bash II were: If My Friends Could See Me Now (Evelyn Khinoo), Boogie Woogie Blues (Trish Boesel), Sometime When (Jackie Snyder) and Some Hot Stuff (Chris Kumre). The rest of the dances were taught at Cowichan Goes Country, B.C. , exception is Heny Costa's dance Hoppin Mad which you can find on Henry's Website.

I struggle with putting my 'personal life' chit chat on the Net, but while thinking about my dancin' weekend ...I realized that it was a piece of 'San Francisco Bay Area History' that I want documented ...the word Swiss refers to Swiss Park in Newark, CA ...home of the Boot 'n' Buckles Dance Club ...known to be the home dance floor to Charlotte Skeeters and Neil Hale. Here is a peek of my stream of conscienceness to a Bay Area dancin' bud who was missing from 'the PARTY that ended the century' ...this first weekend in June ...

Hi Iris, ....Hugs to You...

The usual crowd was at Swiss ...Bob played hot new stuff right at the beginning of the dance cause he knew we line dancers had been waiting around for the couple lessons to be over with ...You and Me and Cajun Girls and Gumbo and That's My Hat and Too Much Fun and Wasn't It A Party and Husbands and Wives and If My Friends Could See Me now and Unbelievable ....I remember those for sure were played early.

Ev found golden brown beanie baby doggies ...cockers with curly ears ...perfect for 'mangy old pups' at the airport last weekend when we were down for the BB. We bought them and took them dancin' for the first time on Friday ...DJ Bob saw us with them for Too Much Fun and then reminded us that we could also use them for Best Friends...oh yeah!..."we take our puppies every where"...that was pretty cool of him ...what a DJ!

Charlotte and Neil were there ...we did their dances. I was glad to get more practice watchin' Neil's boots for Whole Lotta of Peppas ...I still have to count that one and the music is fast for me ...you know Neil ...that Dude gets into it and seems to glide over the floor!

Neil brought over a dancer for me to meet ...Iris ...this dude was so awesome to watch on the dance floor, his boots twinkled across the floor ...the footwork was so precise, his hip bumps ...oh yeah! ...anyway, turns out he is Mr. Walkin' Wazi! His name is Michael Callahan, from Concord ...and he along with Dave Getty created the Walkin' Wazi in 1972. They were going to rock 'n' roll bars and tired of doin' free style ...so they made up this dance ...then in 1986 ...country western bars came into being around here and they started doin' this dance in their local bar ...he doesn't even own a copy of his own dance so we all will try to get a sheet together and get him to sign it! Pretty cool, huh!

At 11:25ish ...there was only the die hards left ...and this is like so amazing, cause there is no way he could have known, since he isn't on the Net and I never requested it ...Bob played
the Shimmy Shack ...Ev and I looked at each other and we both said at the same time "I didn't request it" ...all the diehards knew it! Ev's class rules!!!

I got up really early on Saturday morning because tons of mail came this week. All my line dance magazines come the first of the month.. I opened and read them before getting dressed for the workshop.
Get In Line from Queensland published Neil's bio this month ...and the new magazine I'm getting from Victoria published articles on Hedy and on Sal from when they were over on their OZ tours ...I decided to bring them along to the event with me.

Bruce wasn't feeling good ...I think he has a cold coming on ...and Mike needed to stay home and catch up on stuff so E and B & Me ...had girl's day and night out!

It sure was an eye opening experience for me to listen to them talk about their hectic day jobs and how rushed their teaching evenings are ...good instructors devote hours of their time ...learn a dance, read the sheets to make the dance clear in their heads, practice the teaching words, give thought to choosing the 'teaching music', listen to the 'real' music to find the 'start of the dance' ...and then be in a terrific mood to greet the class. AND that doesn't include the part about takin' care of their evening 'family' responsibilities ...giving the pet attention!, food, clean-up and conversation!!! I was exhaused just listening! Geez, Iris ...I hope your students appreciate YOU!

We got right to the event a few minutes early ...and were surprised that Arny and Jamie were teaching couples dancin' first off...the Shooters, I think ...anyway Beth and I were out of there. We each had brought our lo-cal lunch and were outdoors in the front of the dance hall eating when Neil came by. We got to catch up on all his news ...he's retiring from teaching classes ...he will be doin' some of Charlotte's schedule while she is in France next month ...and then that's it for him ...day job is busy for him right now.

He took a look at some signed step sheets for me, vintage ones from the early 70's & 80's ...he recognized the hand drawn boots they were using on step sheets from that period and searched into his memory ...back 15 years at least he said ...and yes the name and documentation seemed familar to him.

O M G...we have found Mr. Cowboy Boogie, Flying 8, Texas Freeze, and Tush Push ...all rolled into one choreographer...his name is Ken Engel (Kentucky Ken) and he has sent me the signed sheets for LineDanceFun. Awesome discovery for linedance history and a great privledge for me to introduce Mr. Kentucky Ken to our country western line dance community.

Before we knew it ...Neil had to get changed and be ready to teach his workshop ...Gimme Back My Bullets. The music "Cypress Grove" by the Groovegrass Boyz ...does this give you a hint that this is hip hoppy stuff? ...all I could think about after seeing his demo ...look out John Robinson ...Neil Hale has discovered how much fun it is to 'get down' ...the jungle lunges (a polite way of describing Neil's gorilla walks including the hand motions) and the electric kicks and scoots in this new dance ...this is a Neil dance you must see him do! ...the dancers loved it!!! The story he concocted for the title of the dance ...priceless Neil B S! On stage, he was chideing the other choreographers on the dance floor about stealing all the fame from him and now he wants it back ...or something like that ...let me just say this "all da famous boys in the room 'got down' mimickin' those gorilla walks AND Neil doesn't even let on in the step description sheet about this "styling!"

Ev taught that new dance by Jackie Snyder (we met her at Pismo last year ...short, dark short hair, very peitit ...geez, she must be size 00 ...very good dancer ...bubbly personality) anyway her dance has to die for styling in it ...should have seen Chris doin' it! ...I wasn't paying much attention after we all danced Sometime When to the real music ...didn't know she was teaching two dances ...so I hurried out to the floor when I noticed she was still in her microphone and teaching more steps ...grief I was trying to figure out the steps she was explaining when I realized she was turbo reviewing her own dance. The floor was packed when the Headhunters started Singin' The Blues ...she has another hit dance here!!

Hedy taught Some Hot Stuff ...that's Chris' new dance that I saw at BB last weekend. I saw Chris and Hedy and Sal in the corner earlier practicing steps ...well let me tell you ...I was leading the pack when howling broke out durin' the demo when Chris and Sal started doing the last 8 counts of the hot stuff hip bumps ...Hedy rotates rows when she teaches ...I just stay in the back and watch the back row assistant ...O M G Chris Kumre was behind me, Sal was in Front and Charlotte was counting out the steps beside me (Hedy uses words primarily ...good God you should hear all her words in my head when we do her Younger Men dance!) am I lucky Charlotte is also a counter ...cause those 2 different grapevines are killers ...I love the dance ...I love singin' along with Donna when she says "gimme me some hot stuff baby tonight" ...I cherish my memory of learning this dance!

Charlotte demo'd her new dance with Michael and Michele on either side ...you know Iris ...watchin' them 3 'sell' this dance was worth 10 times the admission price to this event! No way would I ever have thought dancin' to Minnie Pearl saying "Howdy" would be something that I would want to do. The steps are classic Charlotte, the hand jive is well described in her sheet ...you will look as cool doin' the dance as we do!

We got to do the dance twice, second time as a contra dance ...really cool ...I had it down pretty good ...til MB joined in to be my across the way partner ...good grief you know me ...I start lookin' at the scenery ...especially the hand jive hip bumps stuff and I lost my place more than once ...speakin' of him reminds me....

You got to learn Michael's new dance in and I'm glad for you but believe me I was p..... when I learned that I had missed the teach of his dance at the Bonanza Bash II because IT was not written on the schedule nor announced during the showcase that it was his dance we were watching Lou Ann demo ...it was not until the dance when we were standing up front watchin' Lou Ann leading a packed dance floor that I recognized the steps that MB had shown to us at the Red Hot Kickin' Event in Ventura the previous month. He hadn't named the dance yet but told us that he was entering it in new choreography at Cowichan ...It never, ever occurred to me that it would be taught at BB simultaneously! Let me tell you the story...

I reamed Doug for not printing choreographers names beside the name of the dance on the schedule and for including non-original step sheets in the book of sheets that were for sell at his event, I apologized to Lou Ann for missing the class ...I know she teaches cuttin' edge dances ...I just didn't know she was teaching MY dancin' teachers dance ...but Iris I want you to know ...I got into MB's face big time on Saturday over this. He got back into mine (anyone watchin' us converse at these events sure do get a show) ...his bottom line is that I shouldn't be so snotty (my word not his) about which dance classes I take, events shouldn't be popularity contests ..."no event director publishes the choreographers name next to the name of the dance" ..."if a dance is good it will get around" ...

MY bottom line ...I don't like waking up at f...... four o'clock in the morning to drive or grab a plane to a workshop (never mind the cost) only to get there and miss learning a dance I know could be a sure hit on my home dance floor ...I'm a dancer, not an instructor ...I can be damn snobby about whose dances I want to learn ...If dancers in the class like the dance (and I did when we were all standing around watching you do it for us in Ventura) then I want the world to know it! My time is valuable to me ...I can't get to all lessons at workshops ...I need down time in order to be able to enjoy an event. I need social time to catch up with friends; I need time to network ...I am Doris hear me whine. ...besides DUUUDE there are many dancers at these events ...every workshop should be evenly filled with all the instructors gathering material for their classes.

Iris do you think I was a little hard on him? I know I treat him like my baby brother sometimes (I have one just his age...grins) but I really do value his opinion ...but I think he is wrong on this one. I guess I will figure it out when I go to my next event and I holler out "whose dance is this?"

We were so tired and hungry by 5 that E and B & Me headed for our lo-cal supper break, we did have time to stop for ice cream afterwards and ONE of us had the real thing! We got back to the event before the doors were re-opened, no problem, we practiced the workshop dances we had learned!!

Not long after the dance began, Mr. Cajuin Girls & Gumbo sauntered in ...Beth had to rub it in that we stopped for ice cream!! No worries ...he was having a great time catchin' up with all the other choreographers here tonight and the dancers from his classes.

O ...you know how the experienced classmates can be so cruel to the beginners ...I over heard one comment that really caught my funny bone concerning foot attire ...but I am to the rescue ...This is a public proclamation ...TTB has been graduated ...this was his first workshop experience and he passed with flying colors!

I got to fullfill my wish at this social ...was in a party attitude when I danced Wasn't That A Party next to Mr. Party himself and he congratulated me on finally gettin' the dance!

Bob was again the DJ, he played everyone' s new stuff and some of their classics ...it was like a 'family reunion' which was not planned. ...it was like 11 pm so fast and no one was wanting to leave! It truly was a party; a Boots 'n' Buckles classic!

  Francisco Ba

The dances are scanned copies of the choreographer's signed step description sheets in .pdf format. The only reason I decided to author this web site was my ability to get the exact original step description sheet on the World Wide Web and the fact that the Acrobat Reader is free and easily accessible on the Adobe Web site. If you don't already have Acrobat Reader on your computer; you do need to download it before you can print the highlighted dances.

This website is my personal hobby. The opinions expressd are mine. The frequent changes to "the look" ...because I will forget how HTML works, if I don't practice. Thanks to all of you who have noticed my mouse glitter!

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