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Tonight 7 PM, August 29 Wednesday is the start of a celebration party at the Rodeo Club for instructor/DJ Bill Montana. For 21 years, he had the largest (100+) continuing line dance class at the 'old' Saddlerack which closed in 2001. After 27 years of teaching ..he is off to travel the world. Bill writes " I hope you will all join me these next two Wednesday nights at the Rodeo Club for a little celebrating, a litte dancing, and a chance to remember old times and old friends as I say goodbye." Tonite he taught one of the all time classic line dances Waltz Across Texas (Nielson's).
Bill Montana is also a singer, he mentioned opening for Ernest Tubb way back when the old Saddlerack existed ...HOW cool to have heard that Texas tune live!
Bill reviewed Fireman (George Davis, CA) and Swamp Thang (Max Perry,USA).
Classic Internationally known line dances that filled the Rodeo Club floor besides the Electric Slide & Tush Push were: OOO! AAH! (Sal Gonzalez, CA); Cha Cha Lengua (Neil Hale, CA); also from USA choreographers: She Bangs and Rock It (Hillbilly Rick); Bocephus (Bill Rice); BootyShakin' (Patrick Fleming); Midnight Waltz (Jo Thompson); Watermelon Crawl (Sue Lipscomb); Uno, Dos, Tres (13MWZ) (Sherry McClure); Got To Be Funky (Dawn Beecham); Mustang Sally (Cajun Style) (Damon D'Amico; Beer For My Horses (Christine Bass); Razor Sharp (Stephen Sunter,UK); and from Austrailia: Titantic (Simon Ward); Jambalaya (Ian StLeon); and Fat Sally Lee (*Arthur Smith);
* In 1997 LineDanceFun introduced the choreographer of Fat Sally Lee ..Arthur Smith

Danced in the center of the floor as the couples went around ...I recognized: Dancin' With You (Sal Gonzalez, CA); Love Letters (Hedy McAdams, CA) Norma Jean (Wasnicks, CA); Dance Ranch Romp (Jo Thompson); and Rock Around the Clock.


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