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102° at 7ish pm on a BnB Friday night ...inside 85 dancers @ 85° just finished a superbly catered spaghetti dinner when directly across the street, a PG&E electrical transformer suddenly BLEW, complete darkness! Doors opened for light, the temperature increased. In the hour before the generator arrived ...dancers were treated to impromtu 'lessons'. I just finished teaching My Mamacita and Neil announced we have music! We danced ...and the generator would fail and re set itself. Dimmed lights, fans blew, music played. The bar was open, laughter and dancing until 11pm. I Remember, Hot Tamales, More Than Life, Cha Cha Lengua (w/4 restarts), Amor de Hielo, Did You Ever, My Veronica, Amazing, Catch The Rain, Crazy Foot Mambo, When I Cry, Chilly Cha Cha, Sea Salt Sally, Doors of Life, It's Up to You, Razor Sharp and Hold Your Horses are ones I danced. The wood floor fabulous, bathroom spotless!


Intermediate lessons $5 drop in w/Doris & Carol @ Westhope Church, Saratoga
Thursday & Friday AM Summer Break June 19 - August 1

MONDAY My Mamacita June 23 playlist
re teach
When You Tell Me walk: Hello Stranger & Cheek to Cheek

THURSDAY NITE SUMMER SOCIALS Teach 6:20 Just Dancing 6:45 - 8:30
walk My Mamacita teach Run For The Roses (*Tom Glover) June 26 playlist
*I took a lesson at Illawarra Country Bootscooters 2000 report. Photo links

The next SECOND SATURDAY 7:30 - 10 PM $7 July 12
remaining 2008 scripted socials: Aug 9, Sept 13, Nov 8

Lessons in San Francisco Bay Area? dance instructors
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