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07072007 ...I knew this would be a special day! Julia Lin has been in my Monday class from day one ...she shares her special gift with the whole line dance community: (translation in .doc format)

Hi Doris, Since the lyric is so... pretty, I couldn't resist to translate it, with help from my eldest brother (87) and my eldest sister (72), who know the Japanese. It turns out that they both like the lyric, too. I am pleased to show it to you; thought you might like it, too.
See you on Monday, Julia

The Door of The Life
When spring comes again, one year will be added;
The scenes reflected before the eyes will be changed slightly.
The innocent and naughty young days have gone far away.
As I sense it now, I am already on the way beyond 50's.

I say it's fun to be 20
You say it's great to be 30
And they say it's lovely to be 40
But I feel it's nice to be 50

With the unbelievable speed, the time has fleeted away.
If I knew it, though small things, all would be kept in mind, said my heart.
The full-bloomed cherry blossoms or the color changed mountain red maples,
Such scenes can be seen how many times henceforth?

I say it's fine to be 60
You say it's alright to be 70
And they say still good to be 80
But I'll maybe live over 90

To open and close the door of the life, every single one thing is so heavy.
For the sake of the beloved ones, every single one should live on.
The blue of your denim will fade increasingly to its beauty.
In the end of this long journey, anyone has some sort of its splendor.

I say it's sad to get weak
You say it's hard to get older
And they say that life has no meaning
But I still believe it's worth living
* * * * * Translated by Julia S. Lin on July 6, 2007 * * * * *
Michael Barr teachin' his newest waltz Doors of Life on the Palladium floor in Hawaii video

On FRIDAY JULY 6 Mike & Joyce were the guest DJ's at BnB club at Swiss Park. 65 dancers made their way up to the club and onto the dance floor ...43 STILL on the floor at 11:10 pm. I am told, most nights only a handful remain at that hour. Mike & Joyce did a great job of reading the request list AND keeping the floor full, with really oldies to remember (Body in Motion, Madly Off in All Directions & the ever popular Islands in the Stream) to the easier classics (Alley Cat, Storybook Endings & Rio) to the new mainstream ones to hit our area (Head Over Heels, After You, Not Like That, Show Me Yours, Gravity, A Cowboy and A Dancer, and the challenging ...A Gigolo, Cry to Me, I Won't be Crying, Burning & To Love Somebody). Somehow The D page went missing ...Joyce asked me about the brand new one ...Doors of Life? Was it too new to fill the floor? It was played early and THE FLOOR WAS JAMMED ..
ALL knew it perfectly! I could have gone home happy right then and there!
Crazy Cha was played at 11:30 and still 25+ were on the floor ...I came home exhausted!

July 2, 2007
61 Monday Saratoga dancers were the first to learn Doors of Life this week. The music is the selling point. The original options were taught ...the syncopated vine was no worry, the ending paddle turn a bit fast for a dozen or so. I love how the music 'flurries'on a few of the paddle sequences an exclamation point on her lyrics! Listen for the "I feel it's nice to be 50!" I can paddle twice as long on that ending! MOST students didn't realize she was speaking English toward the end of the music week they will! The dance is so worth learning. I have never gotten so much advance email comments on the music as I have on this dance.
On July 5th, 49 Thursday AM dancers gave applause. Thursday PM & Friday AM ..same response.
step sheet collection & video clips: at

How I decide what to teach to my classes besides listening to the MUSIC...
Emails ...thanks to Mel for Doors of Life and LaCreta for Oh Mama!
I see or hear what
new dances are filling our floors at the weekend socials.
I check Carol Craven's weekly international survey to see what's new on the list.
Every student can participate in this survey to vote for their 8 current favorite dances ...Carol has written exact directions on how to email her and vote. Voting takes place every SUNDAY. (On Mondays, I waddle home after eatin' that HUGE lunch with you all and I check my email and then her survey.) The more dancers who participate, the more accurate Carol's survey.

MONDAY Westhope w/Doris Volz & Carol Clark Playlist July 9
review: Beautiful Baby w/Carol walk:
Not Like That review: Doors of Life
THURSDAY AM 10:05 - 11:35 w/Doris Volz & Carol Clark
Doors of Life review: Not Like That Teach: Oh Mama (R M Hickie)
THURSDAY PM Saratoga Social/lesson 6:25 - 8:35 PM $5 drop in Playlist July 5
Teach: After You and Doors of Life (video)
review: No. 1 Heartache walk Head Over Heels Would You Go With Me
FRIDAY Saratoga Social 10:15 - 12:30 playlist July 6 review: After You
Friday Teach: Teresea & Vera I Won't Be Crying and by request Doors of Life.

Come September, the Saratoga senior center classes will become Recreation Department classes. No membership required. Two 8 week line dance courses will be taught by me on Wedesday mornings starting Sept 5th. Intro 9:30 - 10:30 and Continuing On 10:45 - noon.
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