Doris Volz is a San Francisco Bay Area dancer, writer & publisher of LineDanceFun. com & and line dance instructor at SASCC and Westhope Senior Center in Saratoga, CA.

Doris Welk grew up with her sister and brother in the heart land of Illinois. As a young school girl she bicycled home to watch American Bandstand every afternoon with her parents. The 'mashed potato' moves were practiced while bracing against the kitchen wall; The 'spot light' dances inspired impromtu fox trot lessons in the small living room.
Grade school gym class introduced square dancing and country music with Mr. Huffman dressed in boots and a bolo tie. His western appearance didn't seem odd at the time, but it was for a midwestern 7th grade teacher! Her Dad listened to country music and the drive to high school was filled with Patsy Cline croonin' Walkin' After Midnight and Buck Owens' singin' We're Gonna Let The Good Times Roll.

Creating 'choreography' for college credit in modern dance class was to be the last dance lesson until 1992.
Miss Welk married her high school sweetheart and the following day Mr. and Mrs. William Volz moved to Texas ...first Austin where she continued her studies at UT and then Dallas where she earned her BSN. The staff at St. Paul Hospital CCU was 'home' to D.Volz, RN until 1980.
Her electrical engineer husband wanted to be part of the 'computer' boom of the Silicon Valley; They moved to California in 1980. In 1983 they bought a home in Saratoga, CA and their six year old daughter began her formal education.
In 1992, at a 4-H conference at Walden West in Saratoga, teens from Alameda county were line dancing to Elvira at an evening social. County music was a pleasant change from the 'noise' that the DJ had been playing. Mrs. Volz was a chaperone. She moved closer to the dance floor to watch and tried to follow ...the addiction began!

My dance history: I took a beginning line dance class through DeAnza College with Donna Frankel for 1 hour a week; a total of 16 hours. Summer came and the instructor told us "find a place to dance over the summer so you don't forget everything come September." On August 1, 1994 I went with a girl friend to the Rodeo Club on Coleman was mainly a couples bar, but I had fun and I learned "Chattahoochee Hustle" that night. I went to Sh-Boom on the following night by was both a line and a couples bar. I knew a total of 3 dances that I could dance ---Tush Push, Cruisin', and Slappin' Leather. I saw many other dances that I knew I wanted to learn. I danced at Sh-Boom every week for 7 months.
In 1995, I began attending  weekly line dance classes taught by Hedy McAdams, Michael Barr, Neil Hale, and Charlotte Skeeters before they were line dance choreographers ...with the exception of Neil Hale! Neil (considered to be the God Father of line dance) had been Mr. Cruisin' since 1989! His Mustang Sally, Linda Lu, Hot Tamales, Cha Cha Lengua and Cruisin' were on 'local' country western bar instructors line dance schedules in the early 1990's. Since 1997, I have attended line dance workshops and festivals all over the USA and have travelled to Australia 4 times just to DANCE with the Aussies.

I vividly remember searching the internet in August of 1995 looking for the step descriptions of the dances they were dancing at Sh-Boom, but I had no luck. After taking lessons 5-6 nights a week and collecting dances for 11 months, I decided to share my collection with others by learning how to scan and make .pdf files of the original sheets. Our home office had all the software for desktop publishing, but I needed to also learn html. After trying 2 other html programs, I chose Dreamweaver to publish in the Summer of 1996. was the first website to publish a step sheet in .pdf format and the first to be online with music (.ram files) and video dance clips (.avi files). LineDanceFun was one of the first line dance websites to be listed at in 1997 and then archived at that same year. By the Summer of 2005 had received 1,600,000+ hits.

My goal as webmaster for is to continue to work to preserve our current California line dance history and to promote the dances being created around the world. The goal for is documenting past line dance history.

I want to be able to dance well into old age while havin' too much fun with all the friends in the dance community. I never intended to become a dance instructor. Looking back, I see this as a natural progression. I am interested in sustaining and enhancing the vitality of the line dance community. I feel fortunate to have the time, energy and desire to organize, energize, harmonize, and strengthen the community that has given me so much joy.

I feel everyone should be thinking ...What do I want our dance community to be? I am the dance community, my ideas are important. I see potential for the evolution of a much-more-vital dance community. There are limitations ...of time, distance, communication, and desire. AND as in many groups there are limitations of harmony, and limitations of coherence. BUT I can make a difference. ©Doris Volz June 2005


ONE of my earliest bios ...with more personal information

Small town Saturday night- rural towns in the heart of Illinois...listening to Willie, Buck, Hank and Patsy...these are my roots. Seventeen, Strawberry Wine, July Moons, Bill was my Junior Prom date and still remains my love. We've been friends since 1964 and married nearly 26 years. We have grown up together. We lived in Austin where I did my pre-nursing studies at UT, and then 9 years in Dallas. I graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a BSN and Bill received his MBA from the University of Dallas. He worked at TI, Richardson and I at St. Paul Hospital, Dallas. Our only daughter was born in 1977 at Medical City Dallas. I had a dream job...the 3-11 shift (I am not a morning person) in the CCU Thursdays and Fridays; he did not. He was an electrical engineer commuting from Dallas to San Jose every week for 18 months...with no change in site. In 1980, I agreed to leave my job, my friends, my comfortable city life to go to small town San Jose and see California while we waited for his "project" to we put Dallas on hold and continued our family life in California.

For 18 more months (Cathy was now 2 1/2 years old) we were tourists...from Disneyland to Napa; from Carmel to Yosemite...we went somewhere every week-end...the beach at Carmel was Cathy's favorite...she knew every restaurant by the desserts they served. Texas Instruments let my husband work to long in California; we became attached to the climate and the lifestyle..we tried to go back when the project ended...but TI decided not to honor their generous compensation package for returning us back to Dallas. BIG Mistake TI.

In 1983, Bill and three of his associates founded a small start-up semi conductor company - Logic Devices of Sunnyvale. We bought our home here in Saratoga. Housing prices in California were 3 times higher than in Dallas, but I adjusted.

I am self taught in desk top publishing; I was the PRN person in Bill's home office. If he needed someone to type the business plan, the 10k report, or layout the Annual Report; I was willing to give him a hand.

In 1993-94 our house was turning 27 and his home office was too small. It took me a year from the time we decided April 93, til March 94, but we gutted and remodeled and now I have my dream kithchen; the kitchen sink and the eating area faces our TV in the family room. In the dining room, my chair can face the TV. I never miss a football game EVER! My family grew up watching football even on holidays; Bill's did not. I am a Packer, Cowboy and of course a Niner's fan. I don't watch baseball, basketball, or soap operas. I do watch Rosie and Oprah.

Cathy is now in her second year at CSU in Fort Collins, CO and lucky for me I found line dancing just in time to ease the "empty nest syndrome" feeling that everyone said I would be going through. Cathy & Bill also gave me an angora bunny for Mother's Day in 1994 so I wouldn't be lonely during the day time while she was away at college. I named him Jackson, after Alan. He has the run of the house and follows me everywhere. He is our third bunny (the first two were Cathy's 4H projects) and I am very experienced at being a bunny Mom.

Bill tried line dancin', really he did, but he doesn't feel the music. I am positive he is a type A person and a perfectionist- (he has to do everything perfectly and dancin' he can't) I tried two-stepping with him; he could never be a Michael Barr! He knows a lot about the computer and he saves me tons of articles about the web; so we spend quality time together blending our two hobbies.