Line Dance Fun©2005 Doris Volz
Here's to YOU Mr. Robinson:
John wrote Dangerous in February, 1998. He was an instructor at the 1999 GGC (John, just back from a UK tour where he taught Power Surge (Stephen Sunter) and it became the smash hit that year). WE made John go through the Power Surge steps again in the parking lot at Swiss Park after Charlotte Skeeter's Monday class. We diehards HAD to know it!

John in 2005 'performing' Dangerous. The video link
shows Annie Moore (who passed May 2010) holding her own while John 'performs' his dance right next to her ...she never missed a beat.

June 1998 in Newcastle, Australia at Jean and Warren O'Leary's event ...Jo Thompson was the headline instructor. ALL the under 20 set who were there in competion had heard about John Robinson's dance, DANGEROUS. I was on the floor when Jo demo'd the dance to a thunderous applause. By request, she gave up her lunch break and taught it to those who wanted to learn it. I can still picture the side room ...crowded with all the young ones and a few not. The music was intoxicating ...not even listed as one of the choices on the ORIGINAL sheet! I was absolutely thrilled to get the first 8 counts down pat! Jo only had a limited amount of time because it was NOT a scheduled workshop ...the concentration in that room was INTENSE! The music played; They ALL had it. I could see the JOY in Jo's face watching the dancers having so much fun! An EXHILARATING experience!

In 2004 John, Simon Ward and Roxanne Kumre were on the dance floor at 2 am when Louie played Dangerous at the Windy City event. All 3 came alive! The Aussies absolutely double timed the dance and played to the watching crowd ...John was more low key but I KNOW he was beaming inside! Another EXHILARATING experience, I'm sure ...for Mr. Robinson!