Line Dance Fun ©2008 Doris Volz

Purely for your entertainment ...line dance heaven!

I was out club dancin' Friday night at our local country western spot. ONE cowboy looked as good and danced almost as those featured above! The open dancin' began with Neil Hale's Cruisin' ...written in 1989 to the Beach Boys singin' non country ..still Crusin' After All These Years. There were a dozen or so on the dance floor and then a few more tried their luck in following. The Fireman was called and I headed out to see if I could re remember that Bay Area classic. Down the line from me was Rob Ingenthron. AND It was no mistaken Rob I's style when the Tush Push began ....many here tonight remembered Rob I, not just from his Cheers days as resident instructor, but as a UCWDC dancin' star. He still lives in the Bay Area and was here with his lovely wife ...who had recently given birth to child number 4. They were dynamite together during couples dancing. He told me that he was here to learn Rachael's dance (the exact reason I had made it a point to drop in). Neither of us are club regulars but it sure was nice to catch up with him. Sadly, he had no plans to get back into teaching. The Dude still looks the VERY same, but he is a family man now!

The actual name of the dance is Firecracker Light of my Life to Josh Turner's tune Firecracker. This beginner dance was taught in review to a full floor 50+ in San Jose, CA at the Rodeo Club. The expected teach published Prison Break (Rachael McEnaney) ... tonight's announcement, delayed til Wednesday night. Bill Bader's classic 1994 Cowgirls' Twist was the replacement teach. Many raised their hands as first timers to a country western bar. They are in luck at this club ...the classic line dances are always floor fillers; new teaches come and never take from my observation over the past 13 years. She Bangs (2000) not played while I was here, but I know it is a favorite.

Walkin' Wazi (72) Tush Push (77) Fireman (81) Traveling 4 Corners (82) Cruisin' (89) Bar Room Romeo (92) God Blessed Texas (95) Honky Tonk Twist & Ohh Aah (96) Got to be Funky (98) were played.

I left at 10:30 when KRTY sponsored the 'dating game'. I came to dance, not play games ...grins.