Back in the Day ...

1997 (2008 updated music and sheet) Vanilla TwirL - Doris Volz
We were dancin' every Tuesday night at the Horseshoe Club, a smoky country western bar in Santa Clara. The band played at 9. They played many cha cha's up until 11 pm when I left for the night. The ONLY one we all knew together was Silk n Satin. The dance floor was the size of a postage stamp. OLD parquet floor with fraying edges. We could get 30 on it for sure, but when the band played we crowded into the center and the couples danced the perimeter. I created Vanilla TwirL so we could dance to more cha's.
A happy memory I wrote about in 1997 about the Horseshoe Club.
A link to an Australian website of dances being done in their area in 1998. Vanilla TwirL included.

I remember my husband paying $8 for a whole step sheet book that the teacher at the Horseshoe Club was selling because I wanted to know how to do the Tush Push. Bill read the sheet to me and I practiced the steps on our patio. We didn't have the music ...but I practiced til I was able to return back to the Horseshoe and dance that dance. Bill could tell right off, after two lessons ..he did not want to spend his Sunday afternoons in a smoky bar learning to line dance ...he had no rhythm. We tried their two step lessons ...he still had no rhythm. It wasn't until a few years later, when I took two step lessons with Michael and Hedy at the Y in Palo Alto, that I learned how it feels to dance with someone who knows how to lead. I remember telling Bill .."Dude, it is not just YOU ...the only guy I know who can two step in my entire class is our teacher, Michael Barr."

A summary of dances in San Franciso Bay Area in 1998 ... back then, as now, instructors and students were talking about too many new dances. What I have learned in this line dance world community, we are dance addicts ain't never gonna change. EVER!
The Internet makes it easy and free to get dance files. Please take your responsibility; It matters.

In 2007 - 2008 the BnB club decided to honor the Northern California regional choreographers by featuring their dances at each of the weekly Friday night socials ...some dance names are familar, most not. The newer dancers now out number the old timers.
What I find most interesting, the dances we loved the first time around are just as loved this time around.
I danced last night with Sue and Kathy and their students at their First Saturday February Social. Kate Sala's Bye Bye (my favorite in 2003) and her Black Horse (worldwide major hit in 2005), and Gerard Murphy's The Way (2004) were on the playlist. I taught all three, what fun I had making those dances come back to my feet!
İFebruary 03 2008 Doris Volz