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dances taught at 2007 Tampa into their search box
MOST of the dance links are to the video clip. Read first, then Click to view. Google the sheet.
Arline Winerman w/right arm assistance from Jennifer Cameron worked non stop to make sure the dancers had a fun time. My body was on CA time ...nocturnal dancing, not a problem!

The 'primarily for beginner' ballroom w/DJ Olivia Ray was all requests. A Gigolo and Nimby were danced several times as was MOST of the mainstream intermediate dances listed on Carol's world survey (receiving at least 2 votes). (all Tampa reports posted on her website)
BUT what caught my ear and then my eye on Olivia's jam packed floor ...Mr Luver ... some awesome dancers getting down to Shaggy & Janet Jackson. The lyrics are quite clear.

500 dancers did NOT have to stand in line all at once to obtain their event wristband at the 2007 Tampa Line Dance Classic overview ...most were checked in on Thursday nite while the free dance party on TWO floors was in progress w/DJ Wildman Louie! He did an awesome job that night and Friday nite keeping the mainstream dancers happy and his floor full.
Dancers still could dance w/Olivia and Big Dave (danced Ribbon of Highway on his floor) while Louie played til 5am.

The instructor review room was full w/DJ Big Dave requests followed each review (time permitting). This room allows all who wish to practice with the instructor so as NOT to flush the main ballroom floor. All requests played nearly 24/7. The false fire alarm ...the only interruption!

(My personal opinion ...the choreographers are much more entertaining in their 'realm' during the preview demo's ...i.e. Guyton did NOT cheat his self by ONLY poppin' lockin' & snakin' at us as 4 ladies demo danced his Get On The Bus and Cheatin' Myself. For ME ...Worth the trip to Tampa!

Zac De
tweiller (Mr Hips himself) had fun in his contra demo Ding Ding Dong ..a beginner dance sheet w/some patty cake action co written w/Shauna Riley to Sing Along Song-Tim Tim.)
Nearly 100 dancers were beginnerish level or instructors those workshops were full both Friday & Saturday while 200 + filled the main ballroom for nearly every teach.

Two separate seatings were needed to accommodate all those who wanted to attend the dinner on Saturday nite. After consuming the best buffet dinner on the USA event circuit, 500+ dancers proceeded to the dinner show to be entertained by some of the best instructors in the world.

The rest is PERSONAL commentary ...a captiave audience of 500+ seated line dancers have just finished watching demos ...the funky music began and 27 dancers raced to the floor and performed the dance flawlessly. Lucky for me, I don't have to head to the ladies room ...I continued my conversation. Louie mentioned Rob I ...grabbed my attention immediately ...he explained that Rob I and Robert Roysten wrote Swingin R's ...Jump Jive An' Wail played ...7 dancers performed that inter/advanced dance from 2000.
Poetry In Motion
2003 (Louie mentioned this time the original track) and D.H.S.S. 2002
are event 'staples' about as far away in level as any dance combination can be. I am thinking that if 10% of the dancers at Tampa know that dance perfectly, then they would know most of the older & newest dances at that level. I have to re remember D.H.S.S. each event because it was not a favorite in my area. Poetry in Motion won't stay in my memory ...just as Crabbuckit, Slow Burn, Red Dress and Break Free Cha have left. Thanks to one of my students ...Swing Your Chains 2003 is still intact and I was able to get my timing back at the end of the music on Thursday nite. It was fun for me to see all who could bring those older harder dances back into their feet was most impressive to see those who performed flawlessly so the others had someone to follow.

What amazed me most -The SAME number of dancers were on the floor in the main ballroom dancing to the
funky music tune right after the other .. into the wee hours of the night as were on Olivia's (crowded bumpy) floor dancin' to non funky. I didn't even need an attitude adjustment!
I ALWAYS thought that the most experienced dancers stayed up late and funky music was their choice; apparently not. If the DJ's were rotated in and out of the EVENT main ballroom ...would the non funky dancers enjoy the 2AM time slot? Just realize that it is not just, so much, the constant hammering beat of the hip hop music ...most of us can dance to some funky no problem.
BUT come on ...line dance is supposed to be fun for everyone. The rap, hip hop, funky, freaky lyrics are quite clear to those of us who are nocturnal ...sitting ...waiting in the main ballroom for the next dance to be something we have the skillz to dance.

Old Tears ... Ilse de Lange sings ...Walking that line, saying I`m fine thought I kicked you off my mind long ago. Though you tore me apart when you broke my heart I never, ever, ever let it show.
I can`t keep this storm inside me anymore I can`t stop this rain that`s got to pour.
I`m crying old tears the dam is breaking after all these years and you know what... I don`t care I don`t care who sees me cry I`ve been so strong but there`s no way that I can move on.
This pain will never disappear until I cry these old tears. Just the littlest thing the sound of your name I start to feel this ache inside my soul. I try to lock it all in, push it all down. It`s just so hard to keep it in control. I could fill the ocean baby, I'm so blue the only way that I`ll get over losing you ...the dancers looked great on the floor for this Robbie McGowan Hickie dance.
As they did for
Lookin' For Something ...Neville and Julie's latest to Britney Spears.
Craig Bennett (I'm Movin' On) taught his
She's Like The Wind (The Vibekingz) to a packed floor.


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